• Length: 62′
  • Cruising speed: 24 knots
  • Max speed: 32 knots
  • Jetski
  • transportation provided
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Fine design has been an Italian tradition for centuries, from the Renaissance works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to contemporary examples of Italian architecture, fashion and automotive styling. The Azimut 62 adds yet another chapter to this nation’s rich history of artistry and craftsmanship.

The 62’s attention-getting exterior, conceived by Stefano Righini, and the luxurious interior, designed by Carlo Galeazzi, combine to make a statement that is bold and unique. In a sea of “me-too” boats, the Azimut 62 stands proud.

The 62 is not only a stylish boat, it is also a spacious boat — and that gives its eye-catching design elements a remarkable showcase. Flowing curves move the eye from one part to another. The lines of the windows and the superstructure evoke motion. The interior spaces gently sweep from one to the next.

You’ll find no sharp corners or harsh edges on the 62. The views invite you to linger and admire.