Badge a motor car as a Rolls-Royce and ‘extraordinary’ is not your final say on it. Not by a long shot. It’s more your starting point; a jumping off spot for automotive achievement capable of astonishing professionals who have special insight. Designers and engineers focused on every area of creative endeavor from skyscraper architecture to space station schemas.

If they put this fact on a pedestal … 60 craftsmen labor 450 hours on each custom, hand-finished Rolls-Royce …

just imagine the impression it’s bound to make on you. To that point, settle yourself into the extravagantly upholstered leather seats of a Rolls-Royce Ghost and listen. Just listen. A whisper-quiet ride may well call to mind the serenity of the wood-paneled library of an English country estate. Such comparisons are more than unusual in the automotive world, but then here you have a motor car that’s nothing if not in a class of its own. As you drive the new Ghost you’ll note the wow factor is no apparition. You lead this motor car with your right foot to call upon a surge of power. With power comes technology that accelerates Roll-Royce tradition well ahead of its time, as here you have a motor car that’s futuristic. Well, what else would you call a gearbox that’s satellite-linked with GPS to read the roadway ahead and shift accordingly. Speaking of the future, or maybe we should say near-future, why not make an appointment for a test drive. Just call and say you’d very much like to take in the experience of a magnificent wood-paneled library on wheels.

  •  Engine: Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-12, 6.6 L
  • Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Transmission: ZF 8H90 8-Speed Automatic
  • SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM563 @ 5250
  • SAE Net Torque @ RPM575 @ 1500
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